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Engineering Services

Transdynamics offers a full range Engineering Services in various disciplines relating to industrial machinery and equipment. In addition to the activities listed below, Transdynamics provides services in Conceptual Design; Preparation of Budgets and Estimates; Professional Design Reviews and Approvals; Project Management Services including Procurement, Scheduling and Construction Supervision.

Plant Layout

Plant & Equipment Layout

Preparation of Plant and Equipment Layouts is an essential first step when designing a new process. Transdynamics has developed concepts and prepared layouts for a large number of environmental processing facilities:
  • Recycled Material Recovery Centres
  • Waste Wood Processing Plants
  • Hazardous Waste Processing
  • Waste-to-Energy Plants
  • Special Waste Incinerators
  • Composting Facilities

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Equipment Design consists of utilizing established principles and standard components and integrating these into new types of machinery. We also improve existing designs for better performance or for meeting revised industry standards. We provide custom solutions incorporating mechanical drives, gears and bearings, brakes and clutches, mechanisms, hydraulics and pneumatics, machine frames and associated components. Examples of Transdynamics projects in Machanical Design:
  • Automated Parking Systems
  • Gearbox for rotating 10 ton castings
  • Shredder with 400 hp hydraulic drive
  • Liquid waste incinerator and high-temp ducting
  • Temporary construction service lifts
  • Sigma-blade mixer for high-volume extrusion line
Mechanical Design

Structural Design

Structural Design

Ideally, structures are an accessory to process and equipment requirements. Transdynamics structural designs follow this principle, resulting in purpose built structures which efficiently conform to the overall system. Transdyanmics structural design project have included:
  • Operating platforms for process equipment
  • Structural support towers for incinerator ducting
  • Truss & Bent structures for conveyors and piping
  • Structural retrofits to meet new equipment requirements
  • Modular mast design for heights up to 450m
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Crane support structures

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