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Hazardous Waste Processing Equipment

Transdynamics manufactures a wide range of equipment specially designed for handling and processing of organic and inorganic hazardous wastes. Our integrated designs incorporate proven sub-systems such as Fenwal explosion suppression, laminar flow ventilation and centralized hydraulic power utility. Our technical expertise includes flue-gas and flyash handling and conditioning; Vermiculite handling and storage; Waste paint processing; Lab-Pack sorting and segregation; Reactor Vessels; Design and manufacture of processing equipment for compaction and size reduction including Glass Crushers, Plastic Bottle Shears, Sludge Shredders and Auger Crushers.

Transdynamics Glass Crusher

Transdynamics Glass Crusher features 10hp drive and stainless steel construction for processing organic and inorganic liquid-filled glass containers.

Waste Hopper

Crushed Glass drainage hopper with stainless steel cover and explosion-suppression system.

Inorganic Process Station

Integrated Process Station includes a Transdynamics Glass Crusher and Plastic Bottle Shear. Both units are designed to receive liquid-filled containers. Note use of stainless steel to minimize corrosion.

Vermiculite Collection

Vermiculite Collection System captures lab-pack vermiculite for re-use or disposal. System includes high-efficiency density separators, 10 micron filtration and dual airlocks.

Transdynamics Auger-Crusher

Transdynamics Auger-Crusher suitable for processing paints and semi-solids such as adhesives and caulking. Liquids and sludges are extracted and steel is densified into a billet in one continuous process.

Sludge Shredder

Stainless Sludge Shredder located at discharge of a collecting trough. Unit is powered by reversible hydraulic drives. Explosion suppression system sensors are integrated in the box above cutting chamber.

Lab-Pack Unpacking Stations

Drum unpacking stations for lab-packs. Four drums are loaded
into each station on a pallet. Turntables rotate and lift drums
to allow for easy unpacking and repacking. Vermiculite
collection and ventilation are included as a part of the system.

Bulking Booth

Lab-Pack Sorting Station. Stainless steel table incudes roller conveyor for transporting totes to Bulking Station, background. Note chain hoist and drum ventilation attachment in foreground. All equipment is designed for safe operation in explosion-proof environment.

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