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Waste Water Treatment

Transdynamics manufactures a variety of mechanical process equipment to treat industrial and municipal waste water. Typical processes include collecting, dewatering, and handling of settled solids and screenings; metering and mixing of bulk powders into solution and the manufacture of tanks and vessels for collecting, neutralizing, cooling and pumping of waste liquids.

Travelling Bridge Collector

Travelling Bridge Collector is all-aluminum construction to resist corrosion.

Solids Collecting Bin

This Transdynamics installation collects process solids. The Solids Bin is lifted and sealed against lid. The solids are dewatered in the Reactor (left).

Stainless Screws

All stainless neutralizing vessel construction showing agitation and solids screws.

Lime Bag Feeder

This Lime Feeder sits on top of a vessel and dispenses lime. Lime bags are emptied into hopper which is equipped with dust control system.

Sludge Screw

Sludge distribution screw moves material from a bin into one of two truck loadout positions by means of hydraulically operated gates.

Portable Mixing Tank

Stainless steel mixing tank for use at a power generating facility.

Dewatering Screw

Dewatering Screw trough for removal of battery sludge from a reactor tank.

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