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Ash Handling Equipment

Bottom ash and flyash are difficult materials to handle. The essential factor for the design of a reliable system is experience. Over the last 25 years, Transdynamics has been designing and building Ash Handling Systems. Many of these projects have been full-scale retrofits where we have replaced systems designed by less experienced firms. Transdynamics ash handling expertise includes handling of both wet and dry ash. Associated areas include flue-gas ducting, ash mixing and conditioning, lime injection, ferrous recovery and ash storage and loadout.

Tapered Feeder

Detail of 18" diameter feed screw used to remove bottom ash from a storage bin. The shaft of the screw is tapered and designed to remove material evenly along its full length.

Ship Chain Conveyor

Detail of drive sprocket for ship-chain drag conveyor. Ship chain is ideally suited for tough applications handling wet abrasive materials such as bottom ash.

Fly Ash Screw

As a part of this retrofit, Transdynamics installed square trough flyash handling screws to minimize wear. Conveyor is suspended on hangers to allow for thermal expansion.

Conveyor Belt Cleaner

Motorized Conveyor Belt Cleaner specifically developed for removing wet ash from conveyor belt. This unit is powered by a 3hp motor and cleans 48" wide belt. Unit is adjustable for wear. Brush elements are easily replaceable.

Ash Steel Recovery

Material recovered from wet incinerator ash using Transdynamics Ash Ferrous Recovery System. Material is discharged onto a de-watering pad before removal.

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