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Machinery and Prototypes

Transdynamics offers a single source option for the design and supply of special purpose machinery. Many of our projects start out as service contracts for design engineering. Often this leads to building of prototypes, testing and development and manufacture of the finished product. Our customers include engineering consulting and design firms, original equipment manufacturers, systems integrators and plants manufacturing and processing various types of materials.

Related to development of new equipment is the refurbishing of existing machinery. Over the years, Transdynamics has upgraded and rebuilt various types of processing equipment including shredders, hammermills, crushers, conveyors and drives. The use of refurbished equipment is especially popular on environmental projects by reducing capital costs and promoting recycling.

Concrete Transporter

Self-Propelled Concrete Transporter designed to continuously pour concrete into a mould.

Mini Prototype

Miniature Prototype driven by step-motors and toothed belt. Unit was designed to verify operating concepts for assembly machinery.

Paint Can Piercer

Cutters on a paint sampling machine running continuously at a paint recycling facility.

Experimantal Digester

Example of experimental equipment showing a steam explosion vessel and condenser. These small digesters are used to establish large-scale process parameters.

Before & After Redesign

Transdynamics projects include modifications and improvements to existing equipment such as this hydraulic control linkage (left) on a purchased unit and a re-designed unit by Transdynamics (right).

Stainless Pump

Pump assembly detail on a portable vessel for preparing process liquids at a nuclear power plant.

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