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Drum Handling Equipment

Certain processes require special Drum Handling Equipment. Transdynamics provides custom designed solutions including ergonomic Drum Unpacking Stations; Drum Deheaders for quick removal of closed-top drum lids; Drum Manipulators for XYZ translation and rotation; Drum Tippers for controlled pouring of reactive materials; Battery powered Drum Stackers for stacking drums inside transport trailers and shipping containers. We also design and build gravity and powered roller conveyors for drum handling.

Drum Unpacking Station

Drum Unpacking Station lifts, tilts
and rotates four drums at a time
allowing for ergonomic unpacking.

Drum Deheader

Drum Deheader removes top of
closed drums. Roller Conveyor
moves drums through station.
Typical rate is 6 drums/minute.

Drum Tipper and Trough

Drum Tipper tilts and allows controlled pouring into stainless steel trough. A gate at trough discharge allows for blending liquids and solids.

Drum Stacker

Drum Stacker is battery powered and
designed to be placed inside a transport

Drum Manipulator

Drum Manipulator moves drums between
floors, rotates and pours into stainless trough.

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